The Rules don’t apply

When any group (Large or small) comes together to hurt another person (or people) it is terrorism.

A lot of light-workers don’t watch tv because the news usually posts harmful things that have happened during the day. The people that can do the most to help others are often the ones sitting on the sidelines doing nothing.

Here are some that tear my heart to shreds:
1. A school-bus flipping over killing half the kids.
2. A young child with a chemo stricken bulbous head lost his or her battle with cancer.
3. A retired couple that felt they had nothing else to live for and did a murder suicide.
4. Houses being burned down to chase the residents away.

As I have learned from my own journey. The people that are bystanders could have helped at any time but chose not to.. This makes us even more grateful when a friend or brave person we know stands up for what is right and helps out.
In today’s world they become a hero. As light-workers we see the darkness growing around us and try to heal it with the light. We try to get others to shine their light as well.

We don’t see the rules applying to everyone anymore. It’s no longer an “us against them” mentality but an “every man, woman, or child for themselves” type of buffet because there are now so many different but still limited viewpoints.

What makes people look away from those being hurt or tortured? Fear of getting involved or hurt themselves? Feeling of “well, they must have deserved it” Shameful pride? Not feeling justified? It’s not happening to anyone they know so it’s not really their “fight.” What makes people stand by watching others getting hurt in such bad ways? All this denial business doesn’t sit well with me.

Looking away never makes the situation go away. In fact it teaches the ones doing the hurting that they can go on to hurt others. Or the same person repeatedly. Right now it’s impossible to compute just how much indignity is occurring in our world.

The microchip that is in my mind can’t even compute it all. Or how much love has been pushed away from us through these acts of terror and hostility. As one person may “see” me as white, they don’t “see” the Centuries of red skin suffering inside of me begging for release to find its voice of freedom to help also free my ancestors and those in need of help..

We’re just not “seeing” people anymore. We only “see” what we want to see and the solar eclipse isn’t the only thing blinding us. Wars are trapped inside our cells but so is millions of tiny peace and love cells. In fact-equally as many if not more. Whether or not you’re able to discern between the two reveals your path of totality. Which wolf do you feed the good one or the bad one? Can you tell which is which?

Some develop Transparency; which means washing the entire fork and not just the end that you eat with when nobody is watching.

When I moved to the Bible Belt I saw racism for the first time. I experienced it firsthand at a place I worked at. I lived in the hood and in the hood there are different rules of survival than there are in urban areas. In this place words take on new meaning. Hormone filled teens struggle to find their identity and independence outside of their family home. People are burning entire cities down because of not being heard.

Fathers aren’t seen around all that much and mothers have to try to climb up the ladder by working longer hours or two jobs, provide for their families, and struggle every single day just to keep their kids out of the morgue or jail. mothers help other mothers by feeding their kids now and then, lending money in a pinch, and teaching the kids what’s right. Whether it’s your kid or that of someone else. Being a mother is transformative. It brings the collective cells together in your body so when you hear one baby cry it is the same as hearing your own baby crying. Your heart aches for your child as it aches for all children and people.



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