Word of the year 2016 ~Empathy


Instead of making a New Year’s Resolution I have decided to choose a word again this year and my word for 2016 is Empathy.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another and understand where they are coming from and their point of view. My word last year was Forward and it got a little wonked out in February. 2016’s word will be amazing for me.

I am sharing some wisdom I have learned from some amazing teachers in my life. Some are more recent and some are gone from this world now..

Life throws you lemons. Sometimes every damned day. Make lemonade with it. Enjoy it. Drink it up like it is life-water because that’s what it is. You may have to drink gallons of it eventually.

We grow up with hopes and dreams only to discover few of our hopes and dreams ever really become a physical reality for us.
People don’t keep their promises in life. Not growing up, not in friendships, school, work, family, parents, especially connections in business and in love marriage/partnerships. These are the key areas where things go the most wrong. People grow up and grow apart. Make new friends and celebrate life as good medicine.
Businesses fail, it doesn’t mean that you are a failure.

You are the only person that can control you and your life. Do what you can to be a person of your word in spite of everyone else. Conduct your own honor code then don’t break it for anyone. Things go wrong, things fall apart, people fall out of love, situations like diseases, debilitating illnesses, stroke, heart attack, cancer and death happen unexpectedly and alter our charted course from the map we were so proud of originally when we first held it in our hands. This doesn’t mean you have to throw the map away. It only means you need to find a new direction with your life purpose in order to get you from point A to Point B. You will get there eventually. Have the courage to keep going forward.

We have lost a lot of loved ones and dear cherished friends this year. I think it may be the most loss to date so far in one year. I myself am hurting so badly in so many ways it doesn’t even seem possible to feel this much grief all at once in my heart and all at the same time, confronting shadows of past and skeletons.

When you do good in this world and have a spotless heart people will try to knock you down a notch and off of your podium. Mother Theresa and Gandhi had enemies always trying to attack their good will and good intentions toward others.
People will always devise schemes and sins against you. Even when you are a celibate monk. My Master Hokawa Chozen’s Master Tasogare Shinju says “Nothing stays the same forever as everything is constantly moving and evolving in our universe. Even us.” yikes! Those were powerful words that awakened me.

Ever notice people with the biggest hearts get extra care-giving work to do with a grouchy or disabled person? There’s a reason the universe chose you for this special job. You have the strength of character to handle it. Remember on good days to stay humble.
How and where your new path leads you will depend fully on how you react to any of these given situations as they arrive.
The more passionate you are about your cause the faster the crowd might try to devise a way to take it from you or darken your light. Keep trying anyway. Giving up isn’t even a part of the plan.

A brain tumor, or aneurysm are tragic proof of life curves. It is our soul in every instance that keeps us going and moving forward. All of us will one day grow old and die but how we connect to others while we are still here on this earth can make all the difference to someone that is lonely or hurting.

You may not be able to change your situation or predict a favorable outcome with it but you can control how you react to it from this point on. Continue to do your good work and be the light in this dark place called life. Champions. are made by strength.

The universe always has your back. The universe loves you and created only one of you for a very special reason. Don’t waste it. Be good to yourself and others. Show up every day smiling. Be present in your life. Live in the now. Don’t wait until tomorrow to live.

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