A Relationship Vision

Happy couple looking at sunset in winter

We create our love every day. In the morning we look into each others eyes, knowingly it’s a fresh start and both of us are committed to love the other with an open, pure heart, like there is no past and no future. We know each other inside and out but still we are excited what we can learn about each other, something tiny, something sweet, something surprising. There are no boundaries between us, we accept each others flaws and even find it lovable. We are free to express anything that comes up, we don’t have to think we might hurt the other, because we know without a doubt that our intention is always positive.


Our sex life is exciting and playful. We can get lost in each other for long hours, we find interesting places to have a quickie. We connect every night, doesn’t matter how busy we are. Making love at least 4-5 times a week and connect every single night. It could be a hug, a kiss, whatever. Every time we discover each others body, like we never saw it before. Our routine is exciting so we never get bored.

He kisses me like he wants to eat me alive. Our favorite activity is kissing. We go hand in hand because we love feeling each other whenever we can. We make love, explore new things, positions, and ideas, unafraid of sharing our deepest thoughts, and sexual desires with one another.

We support each other in everything we do. There is no question if we can count on each other or not. There is no silly goal, desire or mission. The whole world can be against us, but we always unite. We are one.


We both provide but there is no mine or yours. He takes care of our investments, because it’s his stuff. We both are generous, when it comes to love, money, kindness, anything.


We both love trying out new things, visiting new places, and we spend quality time together. We have crazy fun times together, his sense of humor cracks me up all the time.


We eat healthy, live healthy, love healthy. We both take care of our body. We both are aware of the power of anchors and we set only positive ones between us.


Both of us are happy and free, but neither of us is looking for someone else. We are confident in our relationship.

This is a vision, I have created this in my mind and I have the freedom to choose this or something better.


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