Happy Women’s Day!


Happy Women’s Day Ladies!

My Message for today.

A monk was walking along the banks and found an abandoned rowboat. He spent several month’s lovingly restoring it. Finally the day came to launch it on the clear waters of the lake.
As he began to row, he noticed it was getting foggy. But he continued nonetheless.
Suddenly, swiftly cutting through the fog came another rowboat, which rammed into his boat.
All of his work- the new wood- and the new paintjob- was damaged. The monk got angry and strained to see who had done this thoughtless thing to his beautiful boat.
And then he saw the other boat was empty. His anger collapsed in the moment. So much of our suffering is linked to effort and reactions that are linked to iron-clad perspective.
When the monk took a good look at what happened he moved from having a reaction to having perspective.
Maybe everything- the people and situations that troubles us in our life are really nothing more than that empty boat.

~Living your Yoga


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